We’ve been sharing families’ stories in our Family Profile Series. Share your story with us, either as a video or in writing! Below are the video stories from NH families on our YouTube channel. Let us know how much educational opportunities mean to your family!


Brandon’s grandmother says “his educational opportunity will break the cycle of poverty and give him a better life.” Please share this message of hope with your friends.



Access to a scholarship rescued Nicole from years of relentless bullying. Now she’s in a school where she feels loved and respected. Shouldn’t ALL children have access to educational opportunities?


Shouldn’t all children have access to a learning environment that’s the right fit? Whether in a district school, charter school, private school, or home school, families like Bianca’s are looking to give their children a brighter future. SB 193 would provide education savings accounts that would help them achieve their dreams.


Thanks to a scholarship, Karen’s twin daughters went from a public school that struggled to serve their needs to a private school where the principal knows every student and even texts parents back. This is the power education savings accounts (ESAs) could have for so many more families in New Hampshire.


Choosing the best fit for her children is paramount.



Our friend, Emily S., talks about the importance of educational options for her children. Send us your videos about what opportunities mean for your family!



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