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School Leader Defends the Town Tuitioning Program

The House recently passed HB 721, a bill that would require all private schools participating in town tuitioning to provide the same special education services as public schools without the funding — another way to shut down this small and successful program. HB 721 requires all private schools participating in a town-tuitioning (aka Croydon) program Read More

Early 2020 Legislation

The 2020 legislative session opens on January 8th when the NH Senate and House of Representatives have their first sessions. They will vote on bills retained from 2019; see below for the list of bills we are following. Look for committee work to begin the second full week of January. OVERVIEW Bills retained from the Read More

2017 Legislator Report Card

We are pleased to publish our second annual Legislator Report Card! Grades are based on this session’s school choice bills with roll call votes. We followed and reported on many more issues and bills throughout the year, but only roll-call votes provide direct accountability of individual Representatives and Senators. As previously mentioned, 2017 was a Read More

2017 Highlights

2017 was very successful and lays the groundwork for more progress next year! We set an ambitious agenda and advanced on nearly every effort. Once again the game-changer was grassroots involvement and support. Engaged parents and citizens play a major role in advancing educational options for our children and future generations in the Granite State. Read More

Governor Signs Town Tuitioning

This afternoon we celebrated a major school choice win as Governor Sununu signed Senate Bill 8, the town tuitioning bill, into law. SB 8 clarifies statute regarding local school boards’ authority to contract with public and private schools for those grades Kindergarten through 12th that are not available in-district. The tiny town of Croydon provides Read More

Impact of School Choice

It can be easy to lose sight of how school choice impacts individual children. Politicians, lobbyists, and advocates can get caught up in policy and budget debates. But decisions reached in Concord have a profound effect on thousands of children across the state. It is absolutely essential to remember that each child has one chance Read More

Town Tuitioning Passes the House

Great news out of Concord today! Earlier this afternoon the NH House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 8, the town tuitioning (aka Croydon) bill, in a 210 to 147 roll call vote. It should head to the Senate Education Committee shortly where they will determine a recommendation to the full Senate to concur, not concur, Read More

Education Bills Scheduled for Week of May 29, 2017

The NH House of Representatives has three school choice bills on the agenda — SB 8, one of this year’s town tuitioning (aka Croydon) bills and two others of more modest impact. As always, the detailed schedule with our analysis and recommendations is below with legislators’ contact information at the end. Weekly Schedule THURSDAY, JUNE Read More

Town Tuitioning Bill Advances

Yesterday Senate Bill 8, one of this year’s town tuitioning bills, made a major advancement as it passed with amendment #1786 in a 13 to 6 House Education Committee vote. It received bipartisan support with all Republicans and two Democrats, Rep. Barbara Shaw (Hillsborough 6) and Rep. Linda Tanner (Sullivan 9), voting for the bill. Read More

Who’s Afraid of SB 8?

The following is a guest article by Dr. Jody Underwood. She is the Vice Chair of the Croydon School Board and an Education Fellow for the Granite Institute. In her day job, she does research and development of digital learning and assessment environments. This week the House Education Committee will amend and vote on SB 8, Read More

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