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Schedule for Week of May 6, 2019

The Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee will vote on all remaining legislation, including a couple school-choice related bills. This is a good opportunity to contact them with your thoughts on these important bills. The full Senate is likely to vote on them when they reconvene on May 15th, so it is also a good Read More

Questionnaire re the Annual Statewide Assessment

New Hampshire public schools — charter and district — are required to administer annual statewide assessments to all 3rd and 8th grade students. It is often referred to as the NH Statewide Assessment System. 11th graders participate in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) that is also for college admissions. Although most students participate in these Read More

Schedule for Week of April 29, 2019

Three school-choice bills will have executive sessions in the House Education Committee in the coming couple weeks. This is a good opportunity to contact these Representatives with your thoughts on these important bills. We are monitoring numerous bills this year and those include our analysis and commentary. Legislators’ contact information is at the end. With Read More

Schedule for Week of April 8, 2019

This week the NH House focuses on the budget and a few remaining bills before “cross over” is complete. Each education committee has a bill we are monitoring; see specifics below. We are approximately halfway through this year’s legislative session. With your help, we successfully neutralized eminent threats to the Education Tax Credit (ETC) scholarship Read More

Schedule for Week of March 18, 2019

This is a busy week for the NH House and Senate as we prepare for “crossover,” when they trade surviving bills. Committees are execing remaining bills and the entire House will meet three days next week, Tuesday through Thursday, deliberating over a hundred bills. The entire NH House of Representatives will vote on HB 632, Read More

Families May Refuse Annual Test

It’s that time of year again when school districts across the state begin extensive preparations for the annual statewide assessment. Students take multiple practice exams, losing important instructional time, so they score well to make districts and schools look their best. The exam is given to students in grades 3 through 8, and 11 over Read More

2018 Legislator Report Card

We are pleased to release our third annual Legislator Report Card! Grades are based on this session’s school-choice bills with roll-call votes. We followed and reported on many more issues and bills throughout the year, but only roll-call votes provide direct accountability of individual Representatives and Senators. As previously mentioned, 2018 was a strong year Read More

2018 Highlights Part 2

It has been a very good year for educational options in New Hampshire! Every year we set more ambitious goals and advance on nearly every effort. As always, our strong grassroots community of families, community leaders, and concerned citizens make all the difference. Each year we see more concerned residents get involved — this has Read More

Win for Directing Children’s Education

In late May Governor Chris Sununu signed HB 1744 into law to empower families with the ability to refuse their children’s participation in statewide assessments. It was a multi-year effort and it finally crossed the finish line. It goes into effect as of July 24, 2018. This bill had three rounds before: HB 276 (2017) that Read More

Time to Empower Families re Testing

Great news! The Senate Education Committee gave HB 1744, a bill that will break the testing stranglehold on our students and teachers, a favorable Ought to Pass recommendation. The bill now advances for a full vote in the Senate when they meet on Thursday, April 19th. See below for more details and contact information. This Read More

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