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Story of the Day

Thank you to Choice Media for having us do today’s Story of the Day! It is based on a Boston Herald article titled, “State Accused of Holding Back Bucks for Private Special Ed Students.” We should focus on children, not the buildings where they attend school.   "Massachusetts Accused of Holding Back Money Meant for Special Ed Students in Read More

Family Profile: A Child with Special Needs Thrives in a Private School

This is part of our Family Profile series that features NH families that utilize educational opportunities for their children. This story comes from Sasha Levin, a New Hampshire father of a child with special needs. Sasha shared his son’s experience in a NH-based Facebook group for families with special needs children in response to discussions Read More

Family Profile: One Size Does Not Fit All

Each child has unique needs, talents, and goals. By extension, a one-size-fits-all education will not succeed. Families across New Hampshire are sharing their stories with us about what educational opportunities mean to them. We are honored to share them as part of our Family Profile series. This story comes from a veteran and divorced mom Read More

A Deeply Offensive Attack on Special-Needs Students

By Shalimar Encarnacion and Michelle Levell   Claiming that special-needs children will be harmed if their parents choose an outside education tailored to their specific needs is more than deeply offensive. It is harmful to the kids who need alternative services. Incredibly, that is what opponents of change in public education are doing. This false Read More

Family Profile: Home Educating a Child with Special Needs

From time to time we will share stories about New Hampshire children whose lives are impacted by educational opportunities. We recently asked home educating families to send us their stories – what makes homeschooling important to them and how it impacts their lives. Today’s profile is about a homeschooling family with a son who has Read More

2017 Highlights

2017 was very successful and lays the groundwork for more progress next year! We set an ambitious agenda and advanced on nearly every effort. Once again the game-changer was grassroots involvement and support. Engaged parents and citizens play a major role in advancing educational options for our children and future generations in the Granite State. Read More

Education Bills Scheduled for Week of March 20, 2017

This is week ten of the legislative session and “cross over” is well underway with several bills moving on to the other chamber. It’s a light week, but important bills are scheduled. Public hearings are the best chance to communicate with committee members and share your opinion. The Legislative Office Building (LOB) is located immediately Read More

Part 2 — 2016 Legislative Wins

This is part two in a series that will detail the 2016 legislation session. Like last year, this session had mixed results, but the good news is that more parents and concerned citizens are engaged. This is how we win. We all can make a difference to engage with our children’s teachers and schools, encourage Read More

Education Bills Scheduled for Week of April 11, 2016

The following is the legislative schedule for the week of April 11, 2016. There are two particularly important bills this week, identified with asterisk marks — one has a public hearing with the Senate Education Committee, and one will be exec’d by the House Education Committee. The public has until the executive sessions to impact Read More

Education Bills Scheduled for Week of March 7, 2016

The following was the legislative schedule for the week of March 7, 2016. It was one of the major “cross over” weeks, when the House and Senate finalized many bills that originated in their chambers. Any surviving bills are reassigned to the other chamber. There were several important bills this week; they are identified with Read More

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