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2018 Highlights Part 1

Every year we build momentum to improve educational options for New Hampshire families. This year is no exception and it is amazing to reflect on where we were just one year ago. In the last 12 months we made tremendous progress in many areas, especially regarding Education Savings Accounts that will position NH as the Read More

Family Profile: Rescue from Bullying

There are many reasons why families seek educational options for their children, and unfortunately, some need to be rescued from unresolved bullying and harassment at local schools. As part of our periodic profiles about NH families that utilize educational alternatives, this is a story about a family that left a bullying environment at their district Read More

New Approach to Learning

Periodically we highlight education providers in the Granite State. Diane Murphy, a long-time public middle school English and drama teacher, is opening an innovative new learning community in Dover beginning in January 2018. Their website says, “Set a course, make a journey, recalculate, and set the course again. We provide an alternative to school where Read More

Rep Thinks Parents Are Unqualified

We routinely send our analysis and recommendations to all NH Representatives and Senators before their votes. Last weekend one legislator, Representative John Mann from Alstead, replied saying that in general parents are too uninformed and disengaged to direct their children’s education. Below is his email to us and our response. March 18, 2017 I beg to Read More

Education Savings Accounts: the Next Evolution in School Choice

“The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.” — Thomas Sowell Education Savings Accounts, also referred to as ESAs, are the next evolution in school choice. While they are new to New Hampshire, they are not new to other states. Education Savings Accounts are funds that children Read More

National School Choice Week 2017

Save the Date: January 24th, 2017 School Choice for New Hampshire invites you to join us to celebrate National School Choice Week 2017! Special Guest: Governor-elect Chris Sununu When: Tuesday, January 24th at 4pm Where: Currier Museum of Art, 150 Ash Street, Manchester, NH Hosted by: School Choice for NH, Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire, NH Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Granite Read More

Defining School Choice

What exactly is school choice? School Choice is a term used extensively in political, education policy, and advocate circles, but what does it mean? In the strictest sense it refers to the various educational institutions available to families, namely public, charter, private and religious schools. This is the most widely accepted definition across the country. Read More

Thank you from NMS

This time of year is for reflection and thankfulness. We want to thank our generous donors and supporters for helping the Newport Montessori School fund their legal costs in the fight for school choice. Your generous donations allow the school to focus on education expenses that directly benefit the students, instead of the unexpected legal Read More

Support School Choice Partners

Newport Montessori School is a participating school in the Croydon school choice program, and as such, is involved in their legal battles with the state Department of Education and Attorney General. They need our support to fund these additional legal costs.   Croydon is a tiny town in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. They provide Kindergarten Read More

Options for Small Towns

New Hampshire has numerous small towns that do not provide in-district education for their entire student population, and there is a rich variety of ways they provide educational options. The Granite Institute recently published a white paper about these various options, called How New Hampshire Provides Small Towns with Access to Schools. It is authored Read More

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