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Reassert Local Control, Contact the Senate re SB 81

Next Thursday, February 12, 2015, the full NH Senate will vote on SB 81, a bill that reasserts local control and limits the authority of one agency of the executive branch. The state Board of Education is out of control and needs to be held accountable to the People. Please ask the senate to reject Read More

The State Board of Ed Overreaches Its Authority

SB 81 (2015) is a bill that upholds local control and limits the authority of one agency of the executive branch.  The state Board of Education (BOE) overreaches its authority. In recent years the state BOE has used its position to force policies into effect without legislative direction and strong-arm local districts into compliance. a) Read More

Maintaining Legislative Intent and Respecting Parental Rights

There are two parts to HB 303; one specifies criteria for the assessments, and the other would require parental consent prior to any psychological services. The assessment criteria specified in the bill is consistent with current state statutes. Per RSA 193-C:3 III “The assessment exercises or tasks shall be valid and appropriate representations of the standards the Read More

Parents Must Have an Opt Out of Student Databases

The Unique Pupil Identification (UPI) system is a privacy risk to every student, and an opt-out must be available. HB 301 (2015) would allow parents to exclude their child from the UPI and other state Department of Education databases. The state Department of Education and local districts claim it will jeopardize their Average Daily Membership Read More

Another Attempt to Limit Charter Schools

HB 253 is an attempt to resurrect a bill from last year, HB 1449, which was killed in the senate. No senators stood in support of HB 1449. Similar to its predecessor, HB 253 seeks to change the charter school approval process by allocating 25% of total possible points in an application to a single Read More

A Parent’s Right to Opt-Out

The NH School Board Association (NHSBA) sent this document to a number of local school board members today regarding a parent’s right to opt-out of assessments. This technical advisory is issued by the state Department of Education. Note the following statement, “The districts’ legal obligations are clear, and districts must not allow any citizen to Read More

Top-Down Education in SB 157 Defies Local Control

SB 157, an act that would establish a civics education requirement as a condition for high school graduation, is another instance of top-down legislation that defies local control. The sponsors of this bill mean well. They believe that all high-school graduates should have a basic knowledge of civics and demonstrate it by passing the US Read More

Testimony for SB 69, a Study for At-Risk Pre-School

Below is the testimony presented to the Senate Education Committee earlier today regarding SB 69, an act establishing a commission to study social impact bond funding for early childhood education for at-risk students. The Senate Education Committee is likely to hold an executive session next week to vote on this bill. There is still time Read More

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

The 2015 legislative session opens with a bill, SB 69, that seeks to establish a commission to study funding for preschool programs for at-risk children. On the surface it seems noble and helpful to the most needy in our society; however, good intentions are not enough. There are numerous examples of similar pre-school programs that Read More

BREAKING NEWS re the Case Against Gilford Parent, William Baer

BREAKING NEWS re the case against Gilford parent, William Baer, sharing from the Honorable Jason Bedrick –> Mazel tov to my brother, Jared Be, for winning an important First Amendment case in New Hampshire (State v. Baer) today. The court dismissed all the charges against his client, who had been arrested without warning for speaking Read More

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