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Part 2 — 2015 Legislative Losses

This is part two of three that dissects our 2015 legislative efforts.  All in all, we had a very successful year, even with some losses. Although several good bills were killed, only one poor bill got through. Below is a list of the most notable losses.   Losses — Bad Bills that Passed SB 195, Read More

The State Board of Ed Overreaches Its Authority

SB 81 (2015) is a bill that upholds local control and limits the authority of one agency of the executive branch.  The state Board of Education (BOE) overreaches its authority. In recent years the state BOE has used its position to force policies into effect without legislative direction and strong-arm local districts into compliance. a) Read More

Maintaining Legislative Intent and Respecting Parental Rights

There are two parts to HB 303; one specifies criteria for the assessments, and the other would require parental consent prior to any psychological services. The assessment criteria specified in the bill is consistent with current state statutes. Per RSA 193-C:3 III “The assessment exercises or tasks shall be valid and appropriate representations of the standards the Read More

Update: JLCAR Vote on Ed 306, Minimum Standards for Public School Approval

On January 17th, the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) gave conditional approval to the Board of Education’s proposed changes to Ed 306, stating this decision is based upon the passage of legislation regarding changes to “twelve content areas.” However, the committee did not specify which legislation supports these changes. Representatives Sad, Ladd, McKay, Schmidt, Read More

Rochester School Board Member’s Letter Against Ed 306 Proposal

This is a powerful letter by Susan O’Connor of the Rochester School Board about the problems she sees with the NH Board of Education’s proposed changes to Ed 306, the Minimum Standards for Public School Approval. In this letter to the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR), Susan articulates the impact of a mental Read More