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Testimony for HB 1637 — School Choice for Small Towns

This morning HB 1637, the school choice for small towns bill, had a public hearing in the Senate Education Committee. Below is a copy of my testimony. A summary of the hearing will be posted shortly. The committee may exec the bill at any time, so the public is urged to contact them as soon Read More

Permission to Get a Job

  When:  Wednesday, April 20, 2016 at 9:00am Where: Legislative Office Building (behind the State House), at 33 N. State Street in Concord, in room 101   It is already a challenge for teens to find employment, but NH law puts an unfair hurdle in place for non-public school students. The statute is intended to Read More

NH DOE Fails to Get Injunction Against Croydon

On December 14, 2015 the presiding judge of the Strafford Superior Court, Justice Brian T. Tucker, denied the injunction brought by the NH Department of Education and Attorney General against the Croydon School Board. The NH DOE and AG claimed that the four Croydon students would be irreparably harmed if allowed to remain at the Read More

Injunction Hearing for Croydon vs the NH DOE

Monday, November 30th was the injunction hearing for Croydon versus the NH Department of Education in the Strafford Superior Court in Dover. We live-blogged the hearing on Facebook.  The post include real-time comments as well as questions and remarks from followers after the hearing concluded. Some of the most shocking statements of the day came Read More

It’s About Control, Not the Kids

As threatened, the New Hampshire Department of Education directed the Attorney General’ s office to pursue an injunction against the Croydon School Board to immediately stop sending tuition payments for the four students enrolled in a private school through their school choice program. A hearing in Strafford Superior Court is set for Monday, November 30th Read More

Educational Alternatives

Education is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and finding the right place can make all the difference for a child. Here is a handy page to find charter and private schools, and major homeschool resources in the Granite State. There are even more informal homeschool support groups on social media. The Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO) can Read More

The DOE Wants to End School Choice

Late last week it was revealed that the NH Department of Education issued a letter to the Croydon School District to end their newly enacted school choice program. Beginning with the current school year, Croydon initiated a program that allows families to select from a number of public and private schools for their grade 5 Read More

What Do They Have Against Needy Students?

The wealthy have educational options. They can afford to send their children to private schools or move to expensive towns that have top-performing schools. However, few families have $10K + per child to spend on private school tuition. That restricts families to their zip-code assigned schools and limits their access to educational choices. That’s where Read More

Movie Screening about Educational Options

We are delighted to announce that School Choice for New Hampshire and Citrus Groups Homeschool Network are hosting a FREE screening of the new educational documentary, Class Dismissed. It is about alternatives to the traditional classroom learning environment. The movie will be shown on Friday, January 23rd from 1:00 to 3:00pm at the Nackey Loeb Read More

The Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO) Puts Options Within Reach

What works for one child, may not work for another. The Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO) believes that just as parents make decisions for their children in everyday matters, they should have that same choice in education. It is their mission to help families make that educational fit possible. NEO puts these options within reach Read More

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