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Non-Academic Surveys in the Classroom

Earlier today the Senate Education Committee held a public hearing on SB 43, relative to non-academic surveys administered by a public school to its students. It is similar to SB 320 (2016) that was vetoed by Gov. Hassan as well as HB 206 (2015), but would require active parental consent (opt in) for all non-academic Read More

Education Bills Scheduled for Week of January 23, 2017

The Senate Education Committee will hold its first public hearings of the new session and the House Education Committee continues with more hearings and exec sessions on several important bills. This is the best chance to communicate with committee members and share your opinion. For the senate bills, sign the white sheet on a side Read More

Students – Check Your Rights at the Schoolhouse Steps

“The Fourth Amendment forbids searching a person for evidence of a crime when there is no basis for believing the person is guilty of the crime or is in possession of incriminating evidence. That prohibition is categorical and without exception; it lies at the very heart of the Fourth Amendment.” — Justice Antonin Scalia   Read More

NH’s Student Database

In early 2016 the legislature passed HB 301, a bill that created a study committee to take a closer look at the state’s educational database called the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) and other databases that have student information. The first meeting was held on Wednesday, September 14th and the committee members are Rep. Glenn Read More

2016 Report Card

We are pleased to publish our first annual Legislator Report Card! Grades are based on the session’s school choice bills with roll calls. We followed and reported on many more bills throughout the year, but only roll calls provide direct accountability to individual Representatives and Senators. For a fuller view of this year’s school choice Read More

Part 3 — 2016 Legislative Losses

This is part three in a series that will detail the 2016 legislation session. Like last year, this session had mixed results, and in many ways it was a tough year. However, we have a victory even here. Although several good bills failed, no bad bills passed. This is a major accomplishment. There are two Read More

Protect Privacy and Parents’ Rights

Another student privacy and parents’ rights bill — Senate Bill 320, relative to non-academic surveys — is on the Governor’s desk awaiting her signature. Please contact Governor Hassan urging her to allow this bill to pass into law. Her phone number is 603-271-2121. Her office may also be contacted through their website. Alternatively you can Read More

Summary of 2016’s Final Session

Today was a good day for school choice and parents’ rights! There were three education-related bills that we tracked in today’s double-header Senate and House sessions. All three will advance to the Governor’s desk! Below are brief summaries of all three bills. Please contact Governor Hassan urging her to allow them to pass into law. Read More

Education Bills Scheduled for Week of April 25, 2016

The following is the legislative schedule for the week of April 25, 2016. Although there are only a handful of bills this week, a few are of particular importance and marked with asterisks. Brief, polite calls and emails are effective; mention if you are a constituent. All contact information is at the end of this Read More

Education Bills Scheduled for Week of April 11, 2016

The following is the legislative schedule for the week of April 11, 2016. There are two particularly important bills this week, identified with asterisk marks — one has a public hearing with the Senate Education Committee, and one will be exec’d by the House Education Committee. The public has until the executive sessions to impact Read More

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