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Important House Votes on April 15, 2015

The following education bills will be voted on by the entire House of Representatives on Wednesday, April 15th. Please contact your Representatives today. A brief phone call is most effective, but an email is helpful. Reps often don’t hear from constituents at all, so your effort can make a powerful difference. To find your Representatives, Read More

Noble Goals of Pre-K Programs Fail to Deliver

Many NH legislators fall for the empty promise of pre-K programs though they have yet to prove any substantial success. Good intentions are not enough. A recent article in US News & World Report debunked the two studies from decades ago that show lasting gains from two “boutique” preschool programs. The problem is these results Read More

Don’t Expose NH to Another Failed Education Experiment

Please contact the entire NH Senate, urging them to oppose the education committee’s recommendation on SB 69. They will vote on this bill Thurs, Feb 12, 2015. SB 69 is a gateway bill that would open the doors to universal preschool. It has already been a federal multi-billion dollar failure. NH does not need to be Read More

Testimony for SB 69, a Study for At-Risk Pre-School

Below is the testimony presented to the Senate Education Committee earlier today regarding SB 69, an act establishing a commission to study social impact bond funding for early childhood education for at-risk students. The Senate Education Committee is likely to hold an executive session next week to vote on this bill. There is still time Read More

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

The 2015 legislative session opens with a bill, SB 69, that seeks to establish a commission to study funding for preschool programs for at-risk children. On the surface it seems noble and helpful to the most needy in our society; however, good intentions are not enough. There are numerous examples of similar pre-school programs that Read More

Obama and Duncan: Mandatory Universal Preschool?

The governor’s political appointee to the state Board of Education seems to be advocating for universal preschool in his latest blog article. Is this Bill Duncan’s way of indicating that NH should implement universal preschool? It is important to know because the state BOE is a powerful agency of the executive branch and has historically Read More

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