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Schedule for Week of January 14, 2019

Welcome to the start of the 2019 legislative session! The Senate and House education committees are beginning to schedule public hearings and there is a full calendar for the HEC. We are monitoring numerous bills this year and those will include our analysis and commentary. There are several bills regarding charter schools, cooperative district agreements, Read More

Myths Regarding Education Funding

Hint: It Is Not About the Children or Their Academic Outcomes All too often, especially in election years, we hear candidates make promises they cannot – or will not – keep. They claim they can lower property taxes without proposing spending cuts or indicating where the dollars would come from to replace the reduced funding Read More

Education Funding Workshop

New Hampshire district schools receive approximately 59% of their funding from local property taxes and 36% from the state using a per pupil “adequacy” formula and disbursement prescribed in the Claremont I and II decisions. Please attend this workshop to discuss NH’s education funding sources and distribution. The Newport School Board joins Claremont, Fall Mountain, Read More