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Expanding Educational Opportunities

All children – not only those from wealthy or well-connected families – need access to educational options that fit their individual needs. Children have one chance at their K-12 education, and they deserve the opportunity to have one that works for them. This Wednesday, November 8th, the House Education Committee will vote on the retained Read More

ESAs Create More Opportunities

Over the last several months we have continued to work on the Education Savings Account (ESA) bill, SB 193, which was retained by the House Education Committee. A subcommittee met multiple times and must present a decision to the entire committee by early November before the legislature resumes business in early 2018. Much like health Read More

Two Big Wins Today

Today has been an excellent day for school choice! The Georgia Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the state’s tax-credit scholarship program may continue, resolving a three-year legal battle. This is the Institute for Justice’s sixth state supreme court win for school choice. This decision will ensure that 13,000 children can continue to use the scholarship Read More

Another Strike Against the Blaine Amendment

On Friday afternoon right before the holiday weekend, the Institute for Justice declared another major victory for school choice. They represented several Montana families against the state Department of Revenue in a case involving a tax-credit scholarship program. This win recognizes that parents can direct their children’s education to select either a religious or secular Read More

Students – Check Your Rights at the Schoolhouse Steps

“The Fourth Amendment forbids searching a person for evidence of a crime when there is no basis for believing the person is guilty of the crime or is in possession of incriminating evidence. That prohibition is categorical and without exception; it lies at the very heart of the Fourth Amendment.” — Justice Antonin Scalia   Read More

2016 Report Card

We are pleased to publish our first annual Legislator Report Card! Grades are based on the session’s school choice bills with roll calls. We followed and reported on many more bills throughout the year, but only roll calls provide direct accountability to individual Representatives and Senators. For a fuller view of this year’s school choice Read More

Summary of 2016’s Final Session

Today was a good day for school choice and parents’ rights! There were three education-related bills that we tracked in today’s double-header Senate and House sessions. All three will advance to the Governor’s desk! Below are brief summaries of all three bills. Please contact Governor Hassan urging her to allow them to pass into law. Read More

Stop the Runaway Bill, SB 369

The Senate Education Committee fast-tracked a bill, SB 369, that would mandate drug and alcohol education for Kindergarten through grade 12 as part of health classes. This is yet another unfunded mandate and against local control, like so many other recent bills. Even the fiscal note on the bill says it “may increase local expenditures by Read More

Retained Bills Returning in 2016

Several important education bills were retained from the previous legislative session and will be among the first order of business when the 2016 session opens in early January. It is important to contact your House Representatives and Senators over the holidays. Phone calls are most effective, but emails from their constituents make a significant impact. Read More

Education Bills Special Ordered to May 14th — It’s Working!

We are down to the biggest, most important education bills of the year. We are hearing very encouraging news from the senate on the remaining bills. They are “special ordering” them to next week, Thursday, May 14th in order to gain more support for our positions. This means that we must keep up the pressure Read More

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