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Schedule for Week of March 11, 2019

It’s a busy week for school choice! The House Ways and Means Committee will vote on HB 632, the bill that seeks to repeal the Education Tax Credit (ETC) scholarship program, on Wednesday, March 13th, starting at 10:00am. They held two public hearings on the bill – Part 1 and Part 2. Please continue to Read More

Schedule for Week of March 4, 2019

Our full attention is on the House Ways and Means Committee as they reconvene the public hearing for HB 632, the bill that seeks to repeal the Education Tax Credit (ETC) scholarship program, on Tuesday, March 5th starting at 1:00pm. Details about the hearing are available here. The committee held the first part of the Read More

Educator-Parent Supports Options

Several weeks ago, we were contacted by a woman who sought educational options for her daughter who is experiencing relentless bullying at her local school. Even though she is an educator herself, the staff is unresponsive to the mom’s concerns and continues to place her daughter in stressful conditions. Children deserve to have their educational Read More

Educational Options Keep Children Safe

Increasingly school safety, whether it is school shootings or chronic bullying or ineffective discipline policies, prompts families to seek educational options. Children should not fear for their safety to receive an education and families should not have to accept unsafe conditions for lack of alternatives. In early June, a fifth-grade Plaistow student spoke at a Read More

Family Profile: Rescue from Bullying

There are many reasons why families seek educational options for their children, and unfortunately, some need to be rescued from unresolved bullying and harassment at local schools. As part of our periodic profiles about NH families that utilize educational alternatives, this is a story about a family that left a bullying environment at their district Read More

An Escape from Bullying

Children cannot learn when they are in an unsafe environment and bullying is a major reason why families seek educational options. Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) would give families an escape hatch. In the last several days videos were published showing two fights between students at Salem High School. An Eagle Tribune article states that three Read More