Support ESAs Today

Support Education Freedom Savings Accounts in New Hampshire!

Our motto is “Live Free or Die,” but we don’t have the freedom to choose when it comes to education. Join us in support of SB 193 to give parents and students educational freedom.

Under this program, parents and students will have the opportunity to design an educational program that works for their kids through an education savings account, or ESA. These flexible accounts allow parents to fully customize their child’s education to best meet their learning needs through tuition at another public school outside their district, tutoring, online learning, textbooks, educational therapies and other education-related services and products.

Throughout New Hampshire, local public schools are doing a great job for most students. But what about those students who are struggling and need something different, or the parent who has found a private alternative that will work better for their child?

New Hampshire can empower families and students with special needs with educational freedom. Act now! Contact your lawmaker today and ask them to vote in favor of SB 193!


Provided by ExcelinEd in Action.
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