PETITION — Support Croydon’s School Choice Program

On November 2, 2015 the New Hampshire Department of Education and Attorney General filed an injunction against the Croydon School Board. They seek to force the board from continuing tuition payments to a private school that currently educates four Croydon students through their school choice program. This would effectively remove these children from their school.

Further, the AG’s motion seeks to expedite the hearing, claiming that the state and DOE would be “irreparably harmed” if the injunction is not granted. This completely ignores the impact on the students. An injunction would clearly not be in the best interests of these children.

The Croydon school choice initiative passed a rigorous process over a seven year period and was implemented with the 2014-2015 school year. That year, the Croydon School Board — with the support of their selectman and residents — sent five students to an out-of-district public school and two private schools of their parents’ choosing. This year four Croydon students are attending the Newport Montessori School while others attend additional out-of-district public schools. Croydon pays approximately $13K per student for those attending the Newport district schools. The Newport Montessori School charges roughly $4K less per child. This represents a $16K savings to the town. This program is consistent with state statutes and other NH districts’ tuition agreements with private schools.

This innovative program is a win for students, schools, and taxpayers.

Please sign our petition which will send an email to the Commissioner of the NH Department of Education, Dr. Virginia Barry, and the Attorney General, the Honorable Joseph Foster.

The email includes a message that supports the Croydon school choice program and asks the NH DOE and AG to end the injunction and further intrusions. The message may be personalized for even greater impact.

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Educational Choice ESA, SB 193 (2017)

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