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New Hampshire Superior Court ruled in favor of the state Department of Education vs. the Croydon School Board on July 29, 2016.

Although Croydon, and the legislation their choice program inspired — House Bill 1637, has strong support across the state and in the State House, Judge Brian Tucker ruled in favor of the state determining what is best for NH school children.

  • This ruling could stifle not only Croydon, but more than a dozen other small districts that must tuition-out students and those facing declining enrollment.
  • It ignores that the town residents approved the program and benefits from a more efficient use of education dollars.
  • It also ignores the state’s acknowledgement and approval of other tuition agreements between public districts and private schools.
  • It negates autonomy of local school boards to meet their communities’ needs.
  • Finally, this ruling keeps educational options limited to the wealthy.

Fortunately the Croydon School Board is not easily deterred and plans to contest the decision.

Please sign this petition and send an email to Dr. Virginia Barry, Commissioner of the state DOE.

The email will show support of Croydon and other towns providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of their districts. Parents – not the state – should determine what is best for their children. Programs like theirs are a win for students, schools, and taxpayers. The message can be personalized for greater impact.

Thank you!

Parents Know Best


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