Petition — Educational Choice ESA, SB 193 (2017)

We heard from several parents at the House Education Committee’s public hearing. They said how important school choice is for their children and the positive impact the Education Savings Account (ESA) will have on their education and futures.

A Customized Education

School choice and the ESA defined in Senate Bill 193 allows for a customized education. Children are not the same and it is illogical to think that education can be one-size-fits-all. While public school may be a good option for many children, it cannot possibly meet the needs of all. For those children, they need alternatives and the educational choice ESA empowers parents with the means to obtain options such as tutoring services, support materials, online classes, private school tuition, therapies from licensed or certified providers, and more.

This benefits the most vulnerable in our communities — those of lower-economics means and children with special needs. New Hampshire already offers tax-credit scholarships for K-12 students based on family income levels. In this program 10% of scholarship recipients are students with special needs. Although the scholarship helps some children, many more are trapped in their zip code assigned schools; the ESA would empower them to access resources they otherwise cannot obtain.

Accountability to Parents

Accountability should be to parents, not politicians. Our public school system and many legislators claim testing is the best and primary tool to determine an “adequate education.” But children are more than test scores and parents look beyond test results to judge if a school is meeting their children’s needs. They consider many factors such as the school’s reputation, course offerings, school discipline, moral values, teacher-parents relations, class size, college acceptance rates, and more. These have a major impact on the overall educational fit and lead to better outcomes. School choice and ESA programs enable more parents, not just the wealthy, to hold their children’s schools to these expectations. This is a win-win for students and our communities.

Sign the Petition

This petition will send an email to the House Education Committee and the House Finance Committee, urging them to support children’s individual learning needs and Senate Bill 193, the educational choice ESA bill.

The email includes a message that supports the Education Savings Account bill, SB 193, as a win for students and communities. For greater impact, personalize it with your own message and mention what town you live in as legislators are usually more responsive to their constituents. Click on “read the petition” to edit the note.

Educational Choice ESA, SB 193 (2017)


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