K-12 Scholarships — Application Deadline Approaching

K-12 scholarships are available through the Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO), but the application deadline is June 15th! Don’t miss this opportunity to receive a scholarship for the next school year. Did you know…. * The bridge scholarships available through NEO may be used for tuition at a private school or out-of-district public school. The average scholarship Read More

Education Matters — Charter Schools and the Founders Academy

Education Matters, a Manchester-based cable show, recorded an interview with The Founders Academy chairman, Thomas Frischknecht, and the curriculum director, Elizabeth Duffy. The show covers general information about charter schools as well as specifics about the Founders Academy. It’s a very informative segment! Share with a friend. Read More

Does the NH Department of Education Support Charter Schools?

Apparently the NH Department of Education has been making disparaging comments about NH public charter schools and the Founders Academy recently. The story broke on Girard at Large yesterday. Isn’t the DOE supposed to support school choice across the state? What’s up with this? Is there any wonder why parents, charter school advocates, and school Read More

Avoiding Common Core Aligned Assessments

We received several inquiries following a recent post about year-end evaluation options and requirements. As Common Core continues to penetrate public education, many test publishing companies are aligning to these new and controversial standards. Homeschoolers want to know how to avoid Common Core aligned assessments This is one of Common Core’s subtle threats to homeschoolers Read More

Common Core Panel Debate — May 19, 2014

“Is the Common Core good for New Hampshire families and children?” Hosted by Cornerstone Action and Cornerstone Policy Research Common Core State Standards: A Public Forum Join us for an informative exchange between supporters and opponents of Common Core. National and local experts and activists will participate in a forum explaining Common Core and why Read More

Parents Denied Notification and Right to Direct Their Child’s Education

Recently Gilford High School parents learned that their ninth-graders were assigned a controversial book for class, “Nineteen Minutes.” Superintendent Kent Hemingway says the district did not notify parents about the book assignment in advance, and only indicated it would do so on Monday, May 5th, well after parents expressed concerns. Many Gilford parents believe the Read More

Urgent Call to Action Regarding NH Board of Education Nomination

Governor Hassan has recommended Bill Duncan for the NH Board of Education. PLEASE take a moment to write to YOUR Exec. Counselor and tell them to vote NO on this nomination. Mr. Duncan’s confirmation could come as early as this Thursday making it imperative that we act quickly and alert the public and contact our Read More

Respect Students’ 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment Rights

HB 1200 as amended by the House would protect K-12 students regarding access to students’ social media accounts by educational institutions. However, the Senate amendment would only apply to post-secondary students. All individuals regardless of age have the same protections and rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights. If the school must investigate a Read More

Dispositions Removed From Assessments

At the executive session for SB 343, Representative Rick Ladd introduced an amendment to explicitly remove dispositions from statewide assessments. This is critical because dispositions are values, beliefs, and attitudes. These are non-academic issues and should not be included in mandatory assessments. It is also inappropriate because teachers have 20% of their evaluations based on Read More

School Choice and Funding Charter Schools

Some legislators support school choice and it reflects in their actions. For others it is just lip service. Some in Concord are opposed to any options beyond traditional public schools. We appreciate the efforts of Representative Ken Weyler to bring charter school funding to approximately 50% of the current average per pupil cost. The Union Read More

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