Homeschooling — Where to Begin

Many first-time homeschoolers may feel a bit overwhelmed with where to begin. It can be a little scary to take your child’s education into your own hands. However, most homeschooling parents find it gets easier as they gain confidence, find resources, connect with other families, and see their children thrive in their own home education Read More

The Next Generation Science Standards Will Fail Our Children

Time is running out for the NH Board of Education to fulfill its promise to begin development of Common Core aligned science standards. The agreement was part of the original ESEA waiver application to get out of the No Child Left Behind obligations. In the ESEA Flexibility Waiver dated September 6, 2012, the NH BOE Read More

Homeschool Spelling Bee in Windham

Are you interested in participating in an annual spelling bee? Register at the Nesmith Library in Windham, NH, by October 30 to be part of this exciting opportunity for homeschoolers in the Granite State! Registration fee is $10 per family; students in grades 4 – 8 are invited to attend. Please see the official Scripps eligibility requirements at for any Read More

Support Educational Options at the Ballot Box

New Hampshire voters have an opportunity to impact educational options in the Granite State. Tuesday, September 9th is the primary election and there are dozens of excellent candidates that support school choice and empowering parents in their children’s education. If these are your values, please consider voting for candidates that are endorsed by the following Read More

Victory for Students and Educational Options

Today is a victory for students and educational options! The New Hampshire Surpreme Court unanimously ruled that the tax-credit scholarship program is Constitutional. Granite State families regardless of their zip code, socioeconomic status, or religious affiliation will have greater access to education that meets their children’s needs. The scholarship program, created in 2012 and available Read More

Homeschool Notification — How to Get Started

This is the time of year when parents may be considering homeschooling. There are many issues to take into account including styles or approaches, curriculum options, as well as the legal requirements. This article will address the New Hampshire laws and rules for starting a homeschool program. NH homeschool laws are rather straight-forward and clear. Read More

Supporting Educational Options — a Study Committee Hearing for HB 435

Bringing a chartered public school to fruition is not an easy endeavor. There are many challenges and the process can be daunting. Funding and political agendas are just a couple of the hurdles that must be cleared to bring charter schools to life. Many legislators do their best to support these educational options, but they Read More

Cut Scores — Making the Grade

Have you heard of the term “cut scores?” In a 2006 paper titled “A Primer on Setting Cut Scores on Tests of Educational Achievement,” the Educational Testing Service defines it as “selected points on the score scale of a test. The points are used to determine whether a particular test score is sufficient for some purpose.” While Read More

Innovative School Choice Program in Croydon

I had the pleasure to join Deborah Olszta on her show, “Education Matters,” to interview Dr. Jody Underwood, chair of the Croydon School Board. Croydon created an innovative school choice program that allows parents to select from a number of public and private schools for their grade 5 – 12 student. The funding follows the Read More

Rebranded Common Core Science Standards Will Fail Students

The Next Generation Science Standards (aka Common Core, but rebranded) will not prepare our students for four-year colleges or STEM careers. Low expectations will not raise our students to greater achievement. “An audience filled with African American and Hispanic educators got it right away. No one had told them that Common Core’s standards don’t prepare Read More

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