Supporting Educational Options — a Study Committee Hearing for HB 435

Bringing a chartered public school to fruition is not an easy endeavor. There are many challenges and the process can be daunting. Funding and political agendas are just a couple of the hurdles that must be cleared to bring charter schools to life. Many legislators do their best to support these educational options, but they Read More

Cut Scores — Making the Grade

Have you heard of the term “cut scores?” In a 2006 paper titled “A Primer on Setting Cut Scores on Tests of Educational Achievement,” the Educational Testing Service defines it as “selected points on the score scale of a test. The points are used to determine whether a particular test score is sufficient for some purpose.” While Read More

Innovative School Choice Program in Croydon

I had the pleasure to join Deborah Olszta on her show, “Education Matters,” to interview Dr. Jody Underwood, chair of the Croydon School Board. Croydon created an innovative school choice program that allows parents to select from a number of public and private schools for their grade 5 – 12 student. The funding follows the Read More

Rebranded Common Core Science Standards Will Fail Students

The Next Generation Science Standards (aka Common Core, but rebranded) will not prepare our students for four-year colleges or STEM careers. Low expectations will not raise our students to greater achievement. “An audience filled with African American and Hispanic educators got it right away. No one had told them that Common Core’s standards don’t prepare Read More

Voting for Educational Options

Voting for candidates that support educational options and parents’ involvement in their children’s education is critical. Our legislators are supposed to represent our principles, so if you value having choice in education and wish to protect our students’ privacy, please take that into consideration in the voting booth. The primary election is Tuesday, September 9th, Read More

Upcoming Homeschool Book Sale

Hundreds of Homeschool Used Textbooks — Priced to Sell Hundreds and hundreds of books. Multitudes of subjects and publishers and grade levels: Bob Jones University, Beka, Apologia, Prentiss Hall, Pearson, Glencoe, Saxon, CSI, Mosdos, McDougal, etc. Subjects include Maths, Sciences, Literature, Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Geography, History, Government, US & World Studies, Forensics, Criminal Justice, Astronomy/Space, Read More

“Little House on the Prairie” Book Club for Homeschoolers

Beginning September 8th, 2014, from 1-2 PM in Derry! Grab your copy of the first Little House book in the series “Little House in the Big Woods” and join us each Monday as we embark on fun learning with the Little House characters! We will be starting the first of the Little House books learning fun facts and trivia, games Read More

Opting-Out of High-Stakes Testing

Opting out of tests is just another facet of school choice. “School choice typically is depicted, simply, as a family’s decision between a public or private school. But the freedom to choose in education actually goes much deeper, getting to the heart of what parents truly want for their kids on a day-to-day basis.” This Read More

BOE Activist Pressured into Editing His Remarks

Mr. Bill Duncan, recent appointment to the state Board of Education, was apparently pressured into editing his blog and removing the offensive remarks in which he referred to a nationally-known Common Core opponent as a “bottom feeder.” Rich Girard, host of the Girard at Large radio show comments about it in his episode earlier today. Thanks Read More

Charter School Legislation Overview

The New Hampshire Center for Innovative Schools, one of two organizations dedicated to helping Granite State charter schools, developed an interactive timeline that shows all the legislation from 2010 to 2014 that impacted charter schools. It is very helpful to understand recent opposition and support. It also provides important information as we head into the election season. Read More

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