2017-2018 Education Committees

We will often make recommendations to contact the Senate and House Education Committees regarding various bills throughout the biennium. These are quick, at-your-fingertips lists of the committees to serve as a reference. It is particularly helpful to mention if you are a constituent whenever contacting legislators.

For additional information on the legislative process and how to get involved, refer to our page How to Impact Legislation and Make a Difference. We explain common legislative abbreviations and terms on this page.

*Update – In early January 2017 the House voted to keep the Children and Family Law Committee, causing Representatives to be reassigned. The lists below are updated to reflect the changes.

Senate Education Committee

The Senate Education Committee meets in room 103 of the Legislative Office Building.

2017-2018 Senate Education Committee

John Reagan (R), District 17, Chairmanjohn.reagan111@gmail.com(603) 271-4063
Bob Giuda (R), District 2, Vice ChairmanBob.Giuda@leg.state.nh.us(603) 271-2111 
Ruth Ward (R), District 8Ruth.Ward@leg.state.nh.us(603) 271-4151
David Watters (D), District 4david.watters@leg.state.nh.us(603) 271-8631
Jay Kahn (D), District 10Jay.Kahn@leg.state.nh.us(603) 271-8631 


House Education Committee

The House Education Committee meets in room 207 of the Legislative Office Building. The House also supplies a single email to contact the entire committee,  HouseEducationCommittee@leg.state.nh.us. Brief phone calls are most effective, but personalized emails directed to an individual are also helpful; mention if you are a constituent. At the bottom we’ve supplied a list of the committee members’ emails for an easy copy/paste.

2017-2018 House Education Committee

Rick Ladd (R), Chairmanladd.nhhouse@charter.net(603) 989-3268
Terry Wolf (R), Vice Chairmanterry.wolf@leg.state.nh.us(603) 471-0240
Barbara Shaw (D)beshaw3@comcast.net(603) 626-4681
Glenn Cordelli (R)glenn.cordelli@leg.state.nh.us(603) 515-0008
Robert Elliott (R)bob.elliott@leg.state.nh.us(603) 893-0402
Carolyn Halstead (R)carolyn.halstead@leg.state.nh.us(603) 672-7141
Mel Myler (D)Mel.Myler@leg.state.nh.us(603) 746-5294
Patricia Cornell (D)patricia.cornell@leg.state.nh.us(603) 644-5480
Tamara Le (D)(603) 964-6403
James Grenier (R)jimgreniersullivan7@gmail.com(603) 863-5681
Josh Moore (R)josh.moore@leg.state.nh.us(603) 361-0955
Michael Moffett (R)(603) 491-0553
Mary Heath (D)Mary.Heath@leg.state.nh.us(603) 622-0895
David Doherty (D)David.Doherty@leg.state.nh.us(603 )485-2788
Joseph Pitre (R)joe@joepitre.com(603) 755-2447
Victoria Sullivan (R)patchessul@comcast.net(603) 232-4382
Dan Wolf (R)(603) 763-5176
Wayne Burton (D)Wayne.Burton@leg.state.nh.us(603) 868-5037
Linda Tanner (D)linda.tanner@leg.state.nh.us(603) 763-4471
Mary Gile (D)Mary.Gile@leg.state.nh.us(603) 224-2278


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