House Ways and Means Committee

The House Ways and Means Committee is the first committee that will consider HB 632, the bill that intends to repeal the Education Tax Credit program.

Contact the House Ways and Means Committee today! Brief phone calls are most effective; personal stories can be particularly compelling. Mention if you are a constituent. Their emails are as follows for an easy copy/paste.

2019-2020 House Ways and Means Committee

Susan Almy (D), Chairman 448-4769
Richard Ames (D), Vice 532-6781
Dennis Malloy (D), 970-1827
David Karrick (D) 456-2772
Thomas Southworth (D) 742-0556
Thomas Schamberg (D) 715-6778
Edith Tucker (D) 466-5425
Lisa Bunker (D) 985-2053
Jennie Gomarlo (D) 352-9282
Willis Griffith (D) 236-2691
Tom Loughman (D) 248-0600
Jerry Stringham (D) 239-2310
Norman Major (R) 382-5429
Mary Griffin (R)(603) 432-0959
Jordan Ulery (R) 882-8979
Patrick Abrami (R) 380-6365
Charles Burns (R) 801-8964
Fred Doucette (R) 553-6460
Jess Edwards (R) 370-7885
Alan Bershtein (R) 960-1145
The committee meets in room 202 of the Legislative Office Building and the committee's phone number is 271-3529.