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Ask your legislators to protect the New Hampshire Education Tax Credit Program today!

Thanks to the New Hampshire Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program, hundreds of low-and moderate-income students have access to scholarship funds for schools, and other education expenses, to best meet their learning needs.

This year, New Hampshire lawmakers will decide the fate of these families and students.

If the Education Tax Credit is repealed, these families will likely have no other options but to send their children back to schools that were not meeting their academic needs.

Please help students using the New Hampshire Education Tax Credit Scholarship!

The House Ways and Means Committee will continue the public hearing on HB 632, a bill that will repeal the Education Tax Credit scholarship, on Tuesday, March 5th starting at 1:00pm in room 202 of the Legislative Office Building. Please join us, and bring the kids! Even if you are able to attend the hearing, it is helpful to contact the committee ahead of time.

Click here to call House Ways and Means or email below.




Provided by ExcelinEd in Action.

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