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2017 Legislator Report Card

We are pleased to publish our second annual Legislator Report Card! Grades are based on this session’s school choice bills with roll call votes. We followed and reported on many more issues and bills throughout the year, but only roll-call votes provide direct accountability of individual Representatives and Senators. As previously mentioned, 2017 was a Read More

2017 Highlights

2017 was very successful and lays the groundwork for more progress next year! We set an ambitious agenda and advanced on nearly every effort. Once again the game-changer was grassroots involvement and support. Engaged parents and citizens play a major role in advancing educational options for our children and future generations in the Granite State. Read More

Two Big Wins Today

Today has been an excellent day for school choice! The Georgia Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the state’s tax-credit scholarship program may continue, resolving a three-year legal battle. This is the Institute for Justice’s sixth state supreme court win for school choice. This decision will ensure that 13,000 children can continue to use the scholarship Read More

Education Bills Scheduled for Week of January 9, 2017

Welcome to the start of the 2017-2018 biennium! The House Education Committee kicks it off with a full schedule of public hearings. This is the best chance to communicate with committee members and share your opinion on bills. The public may sign the sheet near the room entrance to indicate support or opposition to any Read More

Defining School Choice

What exactly is school choice? School Choice is a term used extensively in political, education policy, and advocate circles, but what does it mean? In the strictest sense it refers to the various educational institutions available to families, namely public, charter, private and religious schools. This is the most widely accepted definition across the country. Read More

Educational Choices Help Kids Thrive

New Hampshire has two tax-credit scholarship organizations; the largest is the Children’s Scholarship Fund – NH. They put educational options within reach for families of low to moderate means. We will periodically profile their students to highlight the impact the scholarship makes for these children and families. Alice Tuson needed to find a new school Read More

2016 Report Card

We are pleased to publish our first annual Legislator Report Card! Grades are based on the session’s school choice bills with roll calls. We followed and reported on many more bills throughout the year, but only roll calls provide direct accountability to individual Representatives and Senators. For a fuller view of this year’s school choice Read More

Part 2 — 2016 Legislative Wins

This is part two in a series that will detail the 2016 legislation session. Like last year, this session had mixed results, but the good news is that more parents and concerned citizens are engaged. This is how we win. We all can make a difference to engage with our children’s teachers and schools, encourage Read More

2016 Legislation Highlights

This year was again a mixed-bag. Victories can be passing good bills into law, but as equally important, they can be defeating the bad ones. We had a couple important bills that were vetoed by the Governor, a few tough and surprising wins, and we defeated the worst that threatened school choice. Unfortunately there were Read More

K-12 Scholarships in NH

Students have one chance at their K through 12 school experience and the Children Scholarship Fund – NH strives to help put the best fit school within reach for families of low and modest means. Twenty-one states offer tax-credit scholarship programs, and New Hampshire is fortunate to be one of them. The education tax credit Read More

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