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Education Savings Accounts, also referred to as ESAs, are the next evolution in school choice. While they are new to New Hampshire, they are not new to other states.

Education Savings Accounts are funds that children receive to a designated account that are used for specified educational purposes. Approved uses often include school tuition, online educational programs, tutoring, textbooks, AP classes, assessments, and other education-related fees. They benefit the most vulnerable in our communities — those of lower-economics means and children with special needs. New Hampshire already offers tax-credit scholarships for K-12 students based on family income levels. In this program 10% of the scholarship recipients are students with special needs. Although the scholarship helps some children, many more are trapped in their zip code assigned schools; the ESA would free them to access resources they otherwise cannot obtain.

Below is a list of various articles about school choice and ESA programs in general as well as the one proposed for New Hampshire in Senate Bill 193.

Expanding Educational Opportunity in the Granite State

EdChoice: What NH Voters Think About School Choice and K-12 Education

EdChoice: What is an Education Savings Account

ExcelinEd: ESAs, read Education Savings Accounts: Giving Parents a Choice by Foundation for Excellence in Education

The Heartland Institute: Universal ESA Bill Could Make New Hampshire a National Leader in Education Choice

Las Vegas Review Journal: Numbers Show that Lower-Income Parents Signing Up for Nevada School Choice Plan

EdChoice: Debunking Arguments Against School Choice – “Privitization” Drains Money from Already “Underfunded” Public Schools

Institute for Justice: Victory for School Choice in Montana

The Federalist Society: Blaine Amendments and the Unconstitutionality of Excluding Religious Options From School Choice Programs

Kansas City Star by Michael Q. McShane: The Supreme Court Can Put a Nail in the Anti-Catholic Coffin

Heritage Foundation: Blaine Amendment Shouldn’t Stop Education Savings Accounts

The Next Evolution in School Choice

Where are the Children

Accountability to Parents

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