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2018 Bills Re Homeschoolers

There are a handful of bills that impact homeschoolers this year. We are tracking some of them, but want the community to be aware of the others. Front and center is House Bill 1263, a bill that would reinstate the annual year-end assessment reporting requirements for all home-educated students. **Update 1/10/18: The bill will have Read More

2018 National School Choice Week

School Choice for NH, partnered with Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire, New Hampshire Catholic Schools, Granite State Christian Schools Association, Granite State Home Educators, and National School Choice Week (NSCW), invite you to celebrate NSCW with us at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester on Tuesday, January 23rd at 4pm. This family–friendly fun event will feature student performances and will be Read More

Family Profile: Unschooling Benefits

This is part of our occasional Family Profiles series that features families who are utilizing educational options for their children. This portrait comes from an unschooling family with four girls and the benefits they’ve experienced along their journey. I have been a home schooling mom for over ten years. I have four daughters. Two have Read More

Family Profile: Homeschool Successes

Education is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Educational options, particularly homeschooling, allow families to customize education to fit each child’s individual needs. As part of our occasional Family Profile series, we asked New Hampshire home-educating families to share their success stories with us. We set no parameters or guidelines. What we received is nothing short of Read More

Family Profile: Home Educating a Child with Special Needs

From time to time we will share stories about New Hampshire children whose lives are impacted by educational opportunities. We recently asked home educating families to send us their stories – what makes homeschooling important to them and how it impacts their lives. Today’s profile is about a homeschooling family with a son who has Read More

Parents Disrespected by BOE

The state Board of Education held their most recent meeting on Thursday, March 23, 2017. The agenda always allows public comment and states Board members will only ask clarifying questions but will not provide feedback. This day several parents signed up to speak. Nonetheless Chairman Tom Raffio was repeatedly rude, condescending, and disrespectful towards parents. Read More

Rep Thinks Parents Are Unqualified

We routinely send our analysis and recommendations to all NH Representatives and Senators before their votes. Last weekend one legislator, Representative John Mann from Alstead, replied saying that in general parents are too uninformed and disengaged to direct their children’s education. Below is his email to us and our response. March 18, 2017 I beg to Read More

Edelblut Nominated for DOE Commissioner

Earlier today Governor Chris Sununu nominated businessman and former legislator and GOP gubernatorial candidate, Frank Edelblut, as Commissioner of Education. Current Commissioner, Dr. Virginia Barry, announced she would step down effective January 30th. In his press release Mr. Edelblut said,  “Our children are the future of our State and our country. We all want to Read More

Vetting Candidates

In a few short weeks NH residents will select a governor, five executive council members, 24 state senators, and 400 state representatives who will have decision-making authority on education policies and state agency members for the next two years. The outcome will greatly impact our children’s education and schools for years to come. Below is Read More

Support Croydon

Croydon needs our help to continue to defend their school choice program that recognizes that parents, not the state, know what is best for their children’s educational needs. Over a seven-year period, the Croydon School District developed a school choice program that enables families to select from several schools in the region, including some private Read More

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