Union Emails Spam Legislators

The NH chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is promoting a robo-petition intended to dissuade NH legislators from helping children get the education that is the right fit for them. This union spent over $37 million on lobbying and political activity in the 2015 fiscal year alone.

Teacher union leaders see dollar signs when they see children and want all the money to stay only at public schools, whether or not the kids receive a good education. This is why they are promoting an online petition to spam legislators regarding SB 193, a proposed Education Savings Account bill.

Think about it – while many public school teachers refer children with need to school choice  education options, this mega union is lobbying directly against children’s education, spending thousands and thousands of dollars in little New Hampshire.

Supporting our NH students means giving them the best opportunity to thrive. One size does not fit all when it comes to clothing, so why would we presume one-size-fits-all magically works in education? It defies logic and puts an unreasonable expectation on public schools.

Study after study shows that school choice benefits all students, including those remaining in public schools. A separate meta-analysis of studies confirms these results. Jason Bedrick, formerly with the Cato Institute, explained that school choice programs improve educational outcomes. He said that the meta-analysis showed “highly statistically significant, educationally meaningful achievement gains of several months of additional learning from school choice.”

Let parents — those who know the children best — decide where their children should be educated. For some that may mean a public school. For others it may mean a private school, or home education. It could be a better fit to take online classes, or the student may benefit for special tutoring and other resources. The Education Savings Account (ESA) program can put these options within reach.



The committee will have a public hearing on SB 193 on Tuesday, April 4th starting at 10:00am. To contact the entire House Education Committee, you may send one email to HouseEducationCommittee@leg.state.nh.us. Below is a list of the House Education Committee members’ emails for an easy copy/paste. Please ask them to SUPPORT the bill. Polite calls and emails are most effective, especially if you mention you are a constituent.

2017-2018 House Education Committee

Rick Ladd (R), Chairmanladd.nhhouse@charter.net(603) 989-3268
Terry Wolf (R), Vice Chairmanterry.wolf@leg.state.nh.us(603) 471-0240
Barbara Shaw (D)beshaw3@comcast.net(603) 626-4681
Glenn Cordelli (R)glenn.cordelli@leg.state.nh.us(603) 515-0008
Robert Elliott (R)bob.elliott@leg.state.nh.us(603) 893-0402
Carolyn Halstead (R)carolyn.halstead@leg.state.nh.us(603) 672-7141
Mel Myler (D)Mel.Myler@leg.state.nh.us(603) 746-5294
Patricia Cornell (D)patricia.cornell@leg.state.nh.us(603) 644-5480
Tamara Le (D)(603) 964-6403
James Grenier (R)jimgreniersullivan7@gmail.com(603) 863-5681
Josh Moore (R)josh.moore@leg.state.nh.us(603) 361-0955
Michael Moffett (R)(603) 491-0553
Mary Heath (D)Mary.Heath@leg.state.nh.us(603) 622-0895
David Doherty (D)David.Doherty@leg.state.nh.us(603 )485-2788
Joseph Pitre (R)joe@joepitre.com(603) 755-2447
Victoria Sullivan (R)patchessul@comcast.net(603) 232-4382
Dan Wolf (R)(603) 763-5176
Wayne Burton (D)Wayne.Burton@leg.state.nh.us(603) 868-5037
Linda Tanner (D)linda.tanner@leg.state.nh.us(603) 763-4471


For more information, read The Next Evolution in School Choice, Universal ESA Bill Could Make NH a National Leader in Education Choice, and  Expanding Educational Opportunity in the Granite State.

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